What Happens Now?

You will receive an email from me within a few moments to let you know I have received your inquiry.
It is well worth waiting to see my package suggestion before booking someone for your event as I pride myself on having the best Magical entertainment in the business.



How long before I get a reply?

I reply to all inquiries as soon as possible and I guarantee a reply to all inquiries. If you have not received an email from me within 24 hours then please check your spam folder as emails may sometimes get caught up. If you still cannot find my email then please call me on 501-288-5310 and speak to me personally, my name is Aaron.



What will you send me?

I will send a full description of available packages with pricing. Aaron Acosta Magic provides a wide range of Magical entertainment packages and we specialize in matching the best possible entertainment with your event.

Your event and the entertainment of your guest is our priority. From booking through to event completion we are with you every step of the way providing support and advice free of charge.

You will find our booking process robust and you get everything in writing, reassuring you that your entertainer is dependable and will not let you down. You will notice our professionalism when you receive our packages, please keep your eye on your inbox.