Aaron's stand-up act is perfect for the after-dinner show, community festival, or any other event where a stage is present! Laced with tons of audience participation, side-splitting humor, and a contagious dose of comedic energy that only Aaron can deliver, the stand-up/stage show will leave your guests howling for more! Whether it’s 50 or 5000, Aaron's stage show can adapt to any audience size. You can be sure that every one of your guests will feel “part of the show” as each show delivers a unique brand of audience participation and that is filled with outstanding illusions and mind-blowing experiences !




I would like to take this time out to let you know how much we at Longley Baptist Church enjoyed you as our entertaining guest at our marriage ministry's "Hollywood Gala For The Stars" event held at the Holiday Inn Presidential Hotel in Little Rock, AR on Saturday, Oct. 10th, 2015.  It was truly a "mind blowing experience", not to mention fabulously entertaining as commented by each our polled guest...myself included.  What you brought to our event was different and just what we were looking for to stray away from the normal "dance and sing routine" of entertainment. 

     Let me also add that the professionalism and courteousness you displayed among our guest was above expectations.  Your timeliness and presentation were also perfect.  It showed tremendous pride and dedication to your performance, and I would truly recommend your services to anyone looking for some respectful, unique and fun-filled entertainment for any event they might be sponsoring.

      Again my co-chairs and I say thank you for a "job well done" and look forward to requesting your services for future events.  Yours Truly, LONGLEY BAPTIST CHURCH MARRIAGE MINISTRY Co-Chairs, Darrell & Cynthia Pumphrey



Ideal for cocktail parties, hospitality suites, wedding reception, or any other social gathering where a stage isn’t necessarily required, close-up (or “strolling”) magic is magic that happens inches from your guests’ eyes – and often, in their hands! Amazing feats of magic with everyday objects such as cards, coins, finger rings, ropes, rubber bands, and so much more. I will leave your guests talking for weeks after your event!  Aaron will create a fun and entertaining atmosphere for your guests whether it’s standing or performing tableside! It can even be booked in conjunction with Aaron's stage act if you’re booking an after dinner show! What better way to warm your audience up with some “in your face” magic before the evening’s festivities!

  • Perfect Fit for Corporate Party

    Aaron performed close up magic at our company’s 20th Anniversary Open House event, and even with competition from a band and new interactive technologies we were displaying, he was THE hit of the evening. He worked in the crowd seamlessly performing for small groups of people who were literally amazed at what he was doing right before their eyes. - Great personality and professional, mind-blowing magic.  Tina V. H. , Aristotle, Inc.


Drive traffic to your next trade show booth by having Aaron deliver a customized magic show that is specifically tailored to educate prospective clients about your company's products and services and maximize the return on your trade show investment. Specializing in "branded entertainment", Aaron will create a customized show that educates delegates and exhibitors about your company and generate qualified leads for your booth! Before all is said and done, people will swear that Aaron is an actual employee of your company that "just happens" to perform magic!


Shows For Seniors

Aaron has been connecting & entertaining audiences for over 14 years. Aaron always gets to
the heart of the matter with plenty of fun, laughter, and encouragement! Aaron will put the put the residents first and leave them feeling special. You will be special too when you add Aaron to your entertainment calendar.